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Fostering Sustainable Farming Practices Vermicomposting Training


At Village Development Centre (VDC), we believe in the power of sustainable agriculture to transform the lives of small and marginal farmers. With the support of CAPART, Hyderabad, we initiated a comprehensive training program on vermicomposting technology, aimed at enhancing agricultural practices and environmental conservation.

Empowering Farmers with Knowledge:

VDC empowered 20 small and marginal farmers with the knowledge and skills required for vermicomposting production. We understand that sustainable farming practices are not only economically viable but also ecologically responsible. The farmers were trained to create and manage vermicomposting tanks effectively.

Community Impact:

This project left a lasting mark on the communities of Thirupanjeeli, Kavundampatty, and Moovarayampalayam villages, where 20 vermicomposting tanks were constructed. These tanks became hubs of sustainable agricultural activity, enriching the soil and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

A Decade of Success:

In our commitment to accountability and results, we conducted an evaluation of this initiative a decade later. The report revealed a satisfactory impact on the lives of the farmers and the environment. It's a testament to the enduring benefits of sustainable farming practices.